10 of The Best Cars for 2013

10 of The Best Cars for 2013

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2013 is a new year and that means new cars and car designs. For anyone who is contemplating buying a new car then now is the time to do so. Melbourne paint protection coating There are lots of great new designs available in the New Year. In this guide we provide you with a lowdown of ten of the best cars that everyone should be looking out for in 2013.

We begin our list with the Alfa Romeo 4C. Hopefully this should be out in 2013 because it has been long anticipated. It is Alfa Romeo 4C sports car version and it promises lots of great new specifications. It will be light in weight and have mid mounted turbo power.

Next we move onto the Audi Q2. The German car manufacturer is planning on releasing an SUV model which will be the fourth SUV to be released by the company. It has a sloping roof and will comfortably seat four adults.

Another highly anticipated Audi is the Audi S3. This is all wheel drive and is a hatchback model. It can achieve 300hp and has 2.0 turbo charge litres.

Anyone after a bit of class in their car should consider the new Bentley Continental GTC speed. This is a version of the GT speed but it features a drop top. It will have 635 hp and a twin-turbo W12 petrol engine too.

BMW is another renowned car manufacturer, and 2013 sees the release of the BMW 4 series. This car promises to be good and is well worth considering. Another BMW car that may be worth considering is the BMW m6 Gran Coupe. This features 560 hp from a twin turbo engine and promises to be a fantastic vehicle with excellent specifications.

If you fancy splashing the cash this year then why not take a look at the Ferrari F70/F150? This is the Enzo successor and will have a mid mounted 6.3 litre V12 engine. This will also offer more than 750hp. If you go for the hybrid set up then you can expect an additional motor that will increase you HP by 100.

The Fiat 500 Coupe is a slightly sportier version of the 500. It has a lovely sporty roof and has much stiffer suspension and great spoilers too.

Ford is known for its great commercial vans, but it has expertise in other areas too. The Ford Kuga was one of the top performers in one the Euro NCAP crash safety testing and there are also plenty of gadgets included as part of this car.

The Mazda MX-5 is another one to look out for in 2013. There will be optional personalisation options and it will still have rear wheel drive as well. If you don’t think your budget will stretch to most of the car on our list, take a look at the Fiat Scudo – a great car that won’t break the bank.

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