Individual Tax Return

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Business accountingInformation that Individual Tax Return clients should bring in with them for their tax interview and accounting services:

Details of all Income,including:
PAYG Payment Summaries (formerly Group Certificates), Eligible Termination Payments, Interest incomeDividend statementsTax summaries from Managed FundsCapital Gains (eg, details of shares sold)
Any Other income
Details of Deductions:

Motor vehicle usage for work related purposesOther travelUniforms/protective clothing/sun protection costs/laundry and dry cleaningSelf education expensesAny other work related expensesSuperannuationDonations to charityTax agent fees. Anything else you think that may be an allowable deduction
Rebate Information:

Details of spouse and dependants – names, dates of birthNet medical expenses, if over $1,500Details of spouse and dependant’s income (if any)
Private medical insurance statement from your fund
Details of amounts spent on childcare in the previous financial year
Other Matters:

Statement from Centrelink advising of any payments received through the yearDetails of any HECS chargesDetails of any personal items sold worth more than $10,000Superannuation contributions made by you for your spouse
BUSINESS Tax Return client information. If you would like us to prepare your business tax return, please read and note the following. We have prepared the following in summary form, to assist you in compiling what will be required for your year end tax information, and at the same time – obtaining maximum benefit to you.

General Information
– If you are using a computer software package to record your business information, save the information to a floppy disk/CD/USB stick.

– Please advise us of the brand of software that you are using, and the version of that software that you are using.

– Please take a printout of the trial balance and the profit & loss statement and balance sheet (where applicable) from your computer software program.

– Bank statements (all accounts) used by the business.

– Deposit books, or cash book written up to record income deposited into your business account.

– A summary of your income received, that was not deposited into your business account.

– Cheque butts, or cash book written up to clearly describe what the payment made was for. The more detail the better.

– Cash payments summary, which records all payments made that were not through the business cheque book ‘Date’ ‘Description’ ‘Amount’.

– Copies of all voluntary agreements received ( if applicable)

– PAYG Payment summaries for your employees and yourself, and PAYG Payment statement summary (if applicable)

– Copies of BAS statements and Instalment Activity statements that you have prepared yourself during the year (if applicable)

– Documentation for new loans, leases etc.

– Odometer readings of all of your motor vehicles at the end of the financial year. Details of the business % of all of your motor vehicles.

– Documentation from Solicitors where you have bought or sold real estate or any major business assets.

Trade DebtorsPeople who owe you money as at the end of the financial year, on accounts that you have rendered in any month before 30 June. Example (June’s monthly bill to customer sent on 20 June, but payment not received until after 1 July.)

Trade Creditors

People that you owe money to as at 30 June, on accounts that you have received in any month before 30 June. Example (June’s monthly material account received on 20 June but not paid until after 1 July.)

Stock on Hand – Trading stock means anything produced, manufactured, acquired or purchased for the purpose of manufacture, sale or exchange, but excludes consumable aids to manufacture as distinct from goods forming part of manufacture, ie. Cleaning agents, sandpaper etc.

– An example of trading stock would be all of the products on the shelves held for sale in a supermarket; or all cars held for sale by a car dealer. Basically, anything that is going to be resold.

– If the above is applicable to you, the Taxman’s attitude is that a physical stock take will need to be undertaken at the end of the year. (see below)
Doing a Trading Stock Valuation (stock take)

A stock take at cost price would be accepted by the Taxman. Cost price means the cost of the stock to your business when purchased, including all charges in getting it into existing condition and bringing it to the place where it is ‘on hand’.Superannuation

– In each financial year, the Superannuation Guarantee Scheme (SGS) requires all employers to provide a minimum level of Superannuation support for each of their full-time, part-time and casual employees, or be liable to a penalty charge.- The employer contributions are calculated by multiplying the employees ordinary time earnings x 9 % in the applicable financial year.

– The contributions for the Year ended 30 June must be paid no later than 28 July. We recommend where possible, to pay the superannuation amount before 30th June so that you can claim a tax deduction for this in that tax year.

Simplified Tax System (STS)The STS commenced on 1 July 2001 and allows small businesses access to simpler cash accounting arrangements, depreciation, and trading stock rules. If your business has an average annual turnover of less than $1 million dollars, and depreciating assets with a written down value of less than $3 million dollars you are eligible to enter the STS.When we prepare your 2003 financial work we will analyse whether it is to your benefit to enter the STS.

If you require further information specific to your business, please contact our office.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Cox Business Accountants.

Big dirty snowball

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I know we’ve had a bit of snow recently that probably need an Electric blower but not like the big dirty snowball that’s on its way to us now. Heavy snow may be a burden for commuters or people who wished to go outside home. Most of the people using shovel digging into their roof even in front of their house just to get rid of the heavy snow. Got some news recently with a Snow ball that was being said on a news.
Its official name is Comet Machholtz, after Don Macholtz the amateur astronomer from California who discovered it last August.
“Dirty Snowball”? Yes basically that’s what they are made up of, ice and some rock
When can I see it and Where? If you followed my advice and bought binoculars you’ll be able to see it just north of a small star cluster called the “Seven Sisters” or Pleiades, high in the southern sky at the moment, if you’re lucky enough to live in a dark location it will be visible as a small fuzzy ball its tail is barely discernable. It’s at its brightest now but will be in the sky for the next few months.

I may just think of cleaning up the road thinking of a new machines that could help me, so there goes a perfect snow blower that will give solution to our problem leaving us not freezing no more.
BIG DEAL some of you might say, but it turns out that these “snowballs” may hold the key to life on Earth, they are now recognised as being so important that different space agencies have sent craft to recover material from them (returning to Earth presently) to landing a probe on one(on its way) and even shooting an 800lb copper bullet at one, that’s happening on the 4th of July next. I’ll fill you in on these missions in my next article.

The real BIG NEWS is that man is attempting to land a craft on another Moon,
The difference is that this is no ordinary moon, as we know it. This is TITAN the planet Saturn’s largest moon, difference being that Titan is bigger than two of our planets and has an atmosphere containing methane and various hydrocarbons and although so far from the Sun is about 60 deg C warmer than it should be, possibly due to a greenhouse effect, there may also be petrol-like lakes or even seas – definite no smoking area – Titan may resemble a primordial Earth.
Hope fully we wont have too long to wait as on FRIDAY 14th JAN next the joint ESA NASA and Italian Space Agency probe, Huygens will enter Titans atmosphere and parachute down to the surface.
The descent will take about 2 hours and Huygens will be taking a series of measurements and photos, should it survive the landing, hopefully on liquid, it will transmit data for another 2 hours to the mother machine ship, Cassini, which will then relay this to Earth, even at the speed of light it will take more than an hour for the signals to reach us.

Convenience of chair massage

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If you require a little bit of extra pampering then a great for your back may be just what you need. With these chairs you are allowed to get an adamantly great massage when you need it the most. Is your back full of tension, no problem at all when you have a massage chair to get all of those annoying kinks out once and for all.

When it comes to relieving pain, massage chair is the best reliever. I happen to know what it is like to live with it all the time. I can relate to any person who suffered pain especially back pain. you would think of trying acupuncturist, chiropractor, MD, physical therapist, massage experts, monks, preachers, and gurus and whatever may comes to your mind as long as the pain will gone and get lost.

A therapist is the best person who can provide you with the best massage but if you cannot go there then you can always take the help of the massage chair. Unless you choose the massage chair you will not understand what you are missing. Those who own one swear by the relaxing and rejuvenating effect of a short session on the chair. There are multiple uses for a massage chair in homes today.

Convenience of chair massage
Chair massage DC is very convenient as you do not have to spend hours being massaged like in the massage parlors. All you require is to spare between 10 to 25 minutes for a complete session. This is very ideal for a fulfilling and relaxing body massage. Furthermore you don’t have to travel to the massage parlor. A massage therapist can conveniently bring the chair to your residence or place of work for you to get your body and muscle relaxed.

Premier massage chairs have high rankings among message chair reviews. Consumers praise the chairs’ massaging techniques and say that they work wonders on back and neck pain. These chairs are also among the least expensive on the market. Consumers can buy a Premier message chair for up to $400 less than other brands.

So, in a nutshell, there were things that I liked and disliked about the chair. I really liked the comprehensive console, it was easy to read and understand. However, the backlight did not stay on very long which made it hard to study while learning the controls. Also, when in its handy holder, the console was too small to read, I had to pick it up to see it clearly. I liked the wood used for the arm rests and small table. I like that the chair is fully adjustable and that you can maneuver the rollers to reach most anywhere on your back, including your shoulders. The chair is fairly simple to learn how to operate. If you can sit down for about 30 minutes with the booklet and remote and experiment with the controls Free Articles, you can easily figure everything out for your perfect Omega massage chair massage experience.

inflatable hot tub heater

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Jacuzzis, hot tubs, portable spas… Whatever you call it, there’s no stopping them!
In fact, more and more people have bought portable and inflatable hot tubs have over the past few years thus leading to their rise in popularity among individuals to families of all sizes.
Inflatable hot tubs are convenient, easy to set up, and most of all – affordable!
You can bring it with you when you’re out camping and even use it all year round, yes- even during winter!
However, it’s not just the portability the convenience that makes inflatable hot tubs loved but because of its heater but how does the heater work?

How a Heater Works
The heater for an inflatable hot tub works the same way as any heater, this means that the heater warms the water while you’re filling up your hot tub (yes, that means you can do other things while you wait for your hot tub to reach your desired warmth.)
Another thing about the heater for your inflatable hot tub is that the bigger your hot tub is, the longer it will take for your inflatable hot tub to heat up, also, while it may seem like a good idea to use your inflatable hot tub all year round, some hot tubs can’t be used in extreme weathers especially during winter, as this can easily damage your tub’s heater and other parts; best to make sure that the manufacturer has indicated that you can use your inflatable hot tub in such conditions,

Another important about thing about inflatable hot tubs is its cost effectiveness, hot tub heaters may be small but they pack a punch when it comes to you hot tub, needing only at least 110 volts to 220 volts to fully function.
Heaters work by by heating the water in your inflatable hot tub, to do this, simply turn on your heater, which is usually attached outside your hot tub, most heaters can go as high as 104 degrees, making it perfect for you whether it’s day or night.
Most inflatable hot tubs use an electric heater which will heat faster compared to that of a gas heater although both may work just fine although it may depend on the user’s preference or what the manufacturer recommended, another factor that can affect your hot tub’s heater is the environment, the colder it is, the longer it will take for the water in your inflatable hot tub to get heated but that also means that the water will get cold faster.
To avoid rapid heat loss in your inflatable hot tub, we recommend that you put an insulating pad underneath your hot tub and then cover your hot tub so you may have your desired temperature.

As you may have noticed, an inflatable hot tubs insulation comes in several styles, some manufacturers may be insulated from the inside, others on the outside, while some models may have insulation on both the inside and outside; it’s best to know what kind of insulation you will find beneficial for your personal use as many manufacturers will boast about how superior their insulation is.

Crossbow Accuracy

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The thing about crossbows is that they are more accurate than firearms. Most crossbows sold are all open sights, and it is worthless at all times. The standard sight is 4 x scopes with crosshairs that gives sight to shooters at 20 – 60 yards. Shooting off a target at 20 yards could destroy arrows if shooting on a same spot. Lots of variables to acknowledge like most shooters will do, make sure that all the bolts are tight when performing a shootout for crossbow. Some of the crossbows has so called factory defect so for your safety, check everything even though it should be done in the factory. Once it is checked and ready to use, I will make sure when pulling or cocking the crossbow, the string is constantly pulled to its proper location in the center. If the string is not in the proper location then the accuracy of the bow will change. Once it’s done, make sure the arrow is backed all the way from the string and there is no space in between nock and string. Crossbows when often used tend to lose all the tight bolts so always double check everything before using it.

Most of the accuracy problem was caught in the arrow spine and not the bow itself. If you have a consistent arrow less than 30 – 40 yards then there should be no problem. To test the accuracy of your crossbows arrow, make sure to Click here use a 3D paper target. You have the bull’s eye on the center of the paper dummy. It reminds us to hit small with small target. Practice is needed as you are hitting a paper and move on with the real life targets when you perfect the bull’s eye many times. After hitting your 3D paper target, practice shooting in trees or grass.
The secret to perfect accuracy is the arrow and its position before cocking the crossbow. Buying the set of crossbows and arrows will not guarantee you 100% accuracy unless you test it before buying the package. Some of the crossbows are with scope for crosshair but it is not that accurate if the strings are not in perfect shape or place. There are different types of scopes sold everywhere.

It is really up to you if in which scope you are comfortable to and it depends on how many yards you want to use it. Most of the problems in accuracy to are the human itself. Most of us humans forget that crossbows are considered as a mechanical device, a weapon and it needs to be maintained to give us good shots. Not all crossbows has the same length and weight. The positioning of your arm while holding the crossbow is very important too. Our arm holds the key to 100% accuracy that we all want. Never forget to always use the specific arrow for your specific crossbow. If they are not the same or perfect fit, it might harm you and affect your shooting skill.

Home improvement and security for safety

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Who can deny the imperative role of green leafy plants and bunches of colorful flowers inside and outside, in the beautification of a house? Bring livelihood to your featureless home by installing a range of artificial plants which are too lively in appearance to be recognized as manmade. Embellish your living room, bed room, bathroom, and kitchen up to the balcony and yard with beautiful, sparkling green plants and a radiant world of flora. Leading companies are there in Melbourne to supply you with every single equipment starting from exquisite earthen pots to Egyptian statues, for the embellishment of your establishment. Here are some guidelines for you in proceeding towards decorating your house with the artefacts available:
Planting in Pots: In love with gardening? Well, it can be kind of tricky and time consuming a process to have a garden of your own, either of flowers or of seasonal veggies. But, it becomes quite a walk in the park, if you go for the effortless and cost effective container gardening, making the most of your limited space. Indeed, the inevitable importance of containers in planting needs no introduction. While choosing them, go for the ones crafted out of terracotta pots, providing maximum elegance and efficiency. Worried about where to get the best vessels at affordable price? Don’t worry; distinguished providers of terracotta pots in Melbourne are there to realize your need. Plan a hanging garden of useful herbs in your kitchen, Use the Finest quality terracotta pots Melbourne for planting them.

Going for the Greens: Give your home a galvanizing touch of natural green by installing artificial plants provided by leading manufacturing companies producing high quality outfits. Place the plants wherever you wish to. Easy to clean and freshen up, these shrubs are an excellent way to have eye pleasing indoor or outdoor greenery at your residence. The adorable species of artificial plants in Melbourne include Yucca, Areca Palm, Sisal Agave, Ficus tree, and different varieties of bamboo. Place a pot vessel of the slender Areca Palm beside your bed, or put them gracefully in the corners of your living room. Impress your visitors with their fresh and lively charm. When it comes to adorning your bath, what better option would be there, than installing some Lilly of the valley? Embellish your corridor with the allure of Ficus tree. Make sure to go for the best providers of artificial plants Melbourne.

Show Your Taste for Culture: While making plans for your garden, think about enriching it with some signature of cultural heritage. In this aspect, go for the immortal grace of Egyptian statues available in Melbourne. These statues are indeed a beautiful belonging to have at your home and garden. These icons give a sense of timelessness and also the implication how lifeless stone can produce such products of sheer grandeur. Make your visitors stare at your well adorned garden and let them praise your tastefulness. Turn your terrace into an enchanting area by using the figures as stand- alone pieces or by placing them amidst flower beds. The gorgeous Mantle clock would be a great installment in the indoor décor of your home.

The peace and composure of your mind rest mainly on the aura of your dwelling. Make it a pleasing and soothing one by grooming it with plants and flowers. Let your home be your favorite sanctuary, while companies proving the best elements and to keep your favorite sanctuary, here’s an additional tips to have a secure and peaceful living with your precious home. You have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your family, the public and anybody who might visit your premises. There are many reasons why someone might want to protect their family, premises and property with security camera. Anyone can use stainless steel camera housing system to prevent unwanted circumstances like people stealing entering your premises. By using or setting up the camera pressurized camera housing up, it easily target thieves that will do their bad intention at your house.

Custom Builds

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I build PC’s to fit YOUR needs, whether you are a gamer, photo editor, student or on a limited budget. When you buy a brand name computer you’re simply buying from a company that put together components manufactured by many other companies.

All brand name computers have a “take it or leave it” proposition, meaning that if you need or want a better component you either have to upgrade to their next best product or take the IT Services St. Louis computer the way it is. Mass produced computers have another lesser discussed issue; by the time it makes it on the shelf it could be 6 to 8 months old. Many things will change in that period of time especially in the area of security updates (Windows patches, virus protection, spy ware protection, etc.)

A new computer missing critical security updates requires you to immediately update all of the security software and this could take you hours. You’re also left open to multiple attacks as soon as you connect to the Internet.

My custom-built computers reduce the exposure to these time related issues and give you more control over the exact configuration you want.

If you’re not a computer whiz and know you’re going to need assistance after you buy the computer then you need to understand what your on-going service options are before you buy a mass produced computer.

Can you take your system back to the place that you bought it and show someone the problem that you are experiencing, or do you have to explain everything over the phone? Do you (or they) have to ship the computer to a service center in the event of hardware failure? Do you know how long it will take to get your computer back from a warranty service process? What is your time worth?

The bottom line is not what brand of computer you buy, but who you are buying it from.

When you buy from me you dont have to worry about computer problems. I’m only a phone call or e-mail away. You won’t be put on hold for a half hour only to be transferred to a place in India talking to someone who can barely speak English and doesn’t have knowledge of your system.

If you do decide to buy a new machine, you don’t need to worry about your personal information. Transferring your e-mail, word processing documents, financial data, music and video files is a breeze. I can move your entire hard drive of information over to your new machine.

When you have one of my warranty options you won’t have to worry about hardware failure. If a part fails it will be replaced in a timely manner with no cost to you. No need to bring your system in to have it shipped half way across the world like other warranty service processes. I will come to you, saving you time and money!

Contact me today so we can go over in detail exactly what you want and are looking for in your next computer.

If you are replacing a computer you already have we will go over it and see if anything can be transferred to your new computer such as your hard drive, CD-Rom, memory, modem, etc., saving you even more money.

If you want a free no-hassle evaluation of your machine all you have to do is call or e-mail me. It costs nothing and you will gain the knowledge and information you need to make a good decision.

Suggested Luxury Tours

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Cascadia and Puget Sound (Luxury Tour)

Group size: 8

Escape to the scenic Pacific Northwest for the best of golf and wine touring in the hottest up and coming wine region in the world. luxury yarra valley tour company Washington State’s vineyards lie at the same latitude as the famous wine growing regions of France. Combined with a diverse range of climates, Washington vineyards are also able to produce varietals found in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Washington’s golf courses are growing in notoriety as well with the state hosting the 2010 U.S. Amateur Championship and the upcoming 2015 U.S. Open Championship. From the majestic mountain courses with towering fir and pine trees to seaside links golf, Washington golf has it all.

Great golf, private barrel tastings, PGA golf instruction, first class accommodations and stellar cuisine paired with world class wine all add up to a phenomenal escape from the everyday.

The Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Wenatchee’s Pangborn Memorial Airport to be met by your PGA Tour Guide and Instructor, Charlie Thurston.

Transfer to Cave B Estate Winery and Inn overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. One of Washington’s most unique estate wineries, the resort features a landscape like no other, with multiple microclimates resulting in a broad range of varietals. Cave B has 19 different wines currently available. Cave B has been awarded Conde’ Nast 2012 Reader’s Choice Award Recipient Top 10 Resorts in the Pacific Northwest.

Afternoon/evening, tour Cave B Estate Winery with a private wine tasting and wine blending experience followed by a hosted welcome dinner at Tendrils restaurant featuring a five course meal with wine pairings.

Overnight at Cave B Inn

Day 2: Transfer to Suncadia Resort located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains for a morning round of golf with cart on the Prospector Course at Suncadia, rated “Best New Public Course” by Golf Digest magazine in 2006 and “Top new course” by golf Week magazine in 2007.

Following golf, tour Swiftwater Cellars, billed as Washington’s Ultimate Destination Winery. Inspired by the wineries of Europe, South America and South Africa, Swiftwater Cellars features two labels with nine different wines and a relaxing natural setting accentuated by a European sophistication.

Overnight at the Inn at Suncadia, an intimate and elegant lodge that features a mountain setting with golf course views and stunning Northwest style design.

Day 3: Morning golf clinic with PGA instructor, Charlie Thurston and host professional at the Suncadia Practice Center followed by a round of golf with cart on the new Rope Rider golf course at Suncadia. This Jacobsen Hardy designed golf course was named in honor of the miners who rode the roped coal cars that maneuvered the steep mine shafts on the property. You will be among the first to experience what promises to be one of the premier layouts in the Pacific Northwest.

The rest of the afternoon is at your leisure to enjoy the amenities at the world class Suncadia Resort including the aqua center, hiking and more wine drinking.

Overnight at The inn at Suncadia

Day 4: This morning, transfer to Woodinville Wine Country in the Puget Sound region. Although part of a major metropolitan area, the Woodinville Wine Country still manages a laid back pastoral feel perfect for wine tasting; today is all about wine.

We start with the Ultimate tour and tasting at one of Washington’s oldest wineries, the venerable Chateau Ste. Michelle in the morning.

Afternoon will find us at a private tasting at the combined wine facility and wine tasting room of Novelty Hill Winery and Januick Winery.

Following the afternoon private tastings, explore the multiple tasting rooms of the nearby Hollywood Hills area representing more than 20 wineries throughout Washington State.

Overnight at the incredibly luxurious and tranquil Willows Lodge in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country

Day 5: Morning links golf clinic at Chambers Bay Golf Links with PGA instructor, Charlie Thurston and host professional followed by a round of true links golf at Chambers Bay, host of the 2010 U.S. Amateur and 2015 U.S. Open. This true links golf course is reminiscent of the great links of the British Isles and the location on Puget Sound is nothing less than stunning. Discover what the rest of the world will soon learn about this crown jewel of American golf.

Overnight at Willows Lodge

Day 6: Play a morning round of golf with cart at The Club at Newcastle Coal Creek course, with stunning views of Lake Washington, Seattle skyline and the Olympic Mountains. This scenic golf course is as beautiful as it is challenging.

This afternoon will feature a private wine tasting at historic Columbia Winery. Considered Washington State’s first premier winery, Columbia Winery is a leader in the Washington wine industry to this day.

This evening will feature a hosted farewell dinner with wine at the Barking Frog restaurant at Willows Lodge.

Overnight at Willows Lodge

Day 7: Depart to SeaTac International Airport for flight home.

This luxury tour includes:

3 rounds of golf with golf cart

1 round of links golf*(Chambers Bay Golf Links is a walking only golf course. Caddies are available for an additional charge and with advanced reservation)

6 night’s luxury lodging

5 private wine tastings/tours with additional access to multiple tasting rooms

2 PGA golf clinics

2 hosted dinners with wine pairings

Tour tee prizes

PGA daily competition service

Daily PGA golf concierge service

Daily ground transportation during tour

All state and local taxes

Luxury tour price:

$4095.00 USD per person based on double occupancy and group size of 8 golfers/wine lovers.

*based on availability at time of booking

Inland Empire and Walla Walla (Luxury Tour)

Group Size: 8 golfers

Discover two of the Pacific Northwest’s hidden gems, the Inland Empire and the Walla Walla Valley. Featuring 300 days of sunshine a year, both regions possess world class golf and wine.

From towering Ponderosa pines to the rolling hills of the Palouse and from the foothills of the Rockies to the base of the Blue Mountains, the natural beauty will astound any traveler.

Though still a bit undiscovered by much of the world, Walla Walla is fast becoming the marquee wine destination in the Pacific Northwest.

World class golf, private barrel tastings, PGA golf instruction, first class cuisine and luxury accommodations combine to provide you a giant slice of the good life.

The Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Spokane International Airport to be greeted by your PGA Tour Guide and Instructor, Charlie Thurston.

Visit the scenic Arbor Crest Cliffhouse for an afternoon private wine tasting and tour. Drink in the world class wine and views from this incredible cliff side setting.

Transfer to the historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane. Dating back to 1914, the Davenport blends the best of tradition with modern convenience and style for a true luxury experience.

This evening will feature a hosted Welcome Dinner at venerable Churchill’s Steakhouse.

Overnight at the Davenport Hotel – Spokane

Day 2: Morning golf clinic at Spokane Country Club with PGA Instructor, Charlie Thurston and host professional followed by a round of golf with cart at historic Spokane Country Club. Founded in 1898 and at its’ current location since 1910, Spokane Country Club is not only one of the oldest clubs west of the Mississippi River, it is one of the oldest clubs in America. In 1946, Spokane Country Club hosted the first ever United States Women’s Open won by the legendary Patty Berg. Set on the Little Spokane River amidst towering Ponderosa pines, Spokane Country Club is a true gem of American golf history.

After golf, enjoy a private wine tasting and tour at Trezzi Farm Winery. Trezzi Farm is a boutique winery in the hills of Green Bluff with an Italian feel and inspiration. The pastoral feel of Green Bluff makes it easy to forget that you are at the doorstep of the city.

Overnight at the Davenport Hotel – Spokane

Day 3: Morning round of golf with cart at the Coeur D’Alene Resort Golf Club on scenic Lake Coeur D’Alene, home of the famous floating green. Described as “America’s Most Beautiful Resort Golf Course” by Golf Digest magazine, Coeur D’Alene Resort Golf Club is an unforgettable experience.

After golf, transfer to Coeur D’Alene Cellars for a private wine tasting and tour. Known for their Rhone style wines, Coeur D’Alene Cellars is a family run boutique winery that has been rapidly gaining notoriety in the wine industry.

Overnight at the world class Coeur D’Alene Resort on the shores of Lake Coeur D’Alene.

Day 4: Transfer to Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort, home of Circling Raven Golf Club, for a morning golf clinic with PGA Instructor, Charlie Thurston and host professional at the impressive Circling Raven Practice Center followed by a round of golf with cart at the stunning Circling Raven Golf Club. This Gene Bates designed gem is one of the top golf courses in the Pacific Northwest. Winding through pine forest and along the edge of the Palouse Hills, Circling Raven is a visual delight and a challenge for golfers of every level.

Overnight at the Coeur D’Alene Casino Resort Spa Tower

Day 5: Transfer to Pullman Washington for a round of golf with cart at Palouse Ridge Golf Club, home to the Washington State University Golf Program and host to the 2013 Men’s NCAA Western Regional Golf Tournament. Designed by John Harbottle III, Palouse Ridge blends links golf elements with a unique Pacific Northwest setting for a challenging round of golf unlike anything you have experienced.

After golf, transfer to Walla Walla for an evening wine tasting and tour at the stylish Waterbrook Winery. At Waterbrook you will experience award winning wines in a truly tranquil setting.

Transfer to the Marcus Whitman Hotel in downtown Walla Walla, your home for the next four nights. Originally opened in 1928, the Marcus Whitman is an experience in luxury and grandeur.

Day 6: Morning golf clinic at Wine Valley Golf Club with PGA Instructor, Charlie Thurston and host professional followed by a round of golf with cart at the award winning Wine Valley Golf Club. A true inland links golf course, Wine Valley Golf Club was named to the “Top 100 Modern Golf Courses” list by GolfWeek Magazine in 2012 and Golf Magazines’ “Best New Courses You Can Play” list. Wine Valley is a true modern day gem.

After golf, experience a private wine tasting and tour at L’Ecole No. 41. A second generation, family owned winery founded in 1983, L’Ecole’s tasting room is located in a turn-of-the century schoolhouse. This afternoon will also feature a private wine tasting at neighboring Woodward Canyon Winery. Woodward Canyon is not only one of the first wineries in this wine mecca; it is synonymous with quality in the Pacific Northwest.

Overnight at the Marcus Whitman Hotel – Walla Walla

Day 7: Today is all about wine! This morning will feature a private wine tasting and tour at Pepper Bridge Winery. A family owned winery, Pepper Bridge specializes in elegant and balanced wines.

Next, take the short journey over to Northstar Winery for another private wine tasting and tour. Noted for their world class merlots, Northstar Winery combines old world wine-making with new world innovation.

This afternoon will feature a private wine tasting and tour at scenic Basel Cellars Estate Winery. Enjoy the elegant grounds overlooking vineyards that produce Bordeaux varietal grapes.

Overnight at the Marcus Whitman Hotel – Walla Walla

Day 8: Morning round of golf with cart at Wine Valley Golf Club. If there was ever a golf course worth playing twice during a vacation, Wine Valley is it!

After golf, transfer to nearby Cougar Crest Winery for a private wine tasting and tour. Cougar Crest’s award winning wines are made exclusively form estate grown grapes in the Walla Walla Valley.

Transfer to nearby Three Rivers Winery for a private tasting in a truly unique setting. Experience award winning, ultra premium wine while touring their state-of-the-art barrel room, wine cellar and three hole par 3 golf course. Yes, more golf and wine at the same time!

This evening will feature a hosted farewell dinner at T Maccarone’s, a modern Italian bistro in Washington Wine Country.

Overnight at the Marcus Whitman Hotel – Walla Walla

Day 9: Depart for Walla Walla Regional Airport for the flight home.

This luxury tour includes:

6 rounds of golf with cart (gratuity for forecaddie at Coeur D’Alene Resort Golf Club not included)

8 night’s luxury lodging

11 private wine tastings/winery tours

3 PGA golf clinics

2 hosted dinners with wine

Tour tee prizes

PGA daily competition service

Daily PGA golf concierge service

Daily ground transportation during tour

All state and local taxes

Tour package price:

$4500.00 USD per person based on double occupancy and group size of 8 golfers/wine lovers.

Interior Door Blog

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Like most people living in a home that is 20 to 30 years old you have probably looked at your Interior Doors, and thought how nice it would be to have a better looking door. office interiors You might go down to the local “Big Box store,” look at a few interior doors, maybe talk to their local millwork guy and leave thinking what a pain it will be to actually replace the interior doors in your home. The truth is replacing your Interior Doors with new Pre-hung doors is a real pain. The major issues you run across are flooring problems.

When a home is built the doors are installed before any of the flooring goes in. The flooring goes in after all the doors have been installed. Hardwood, tile and carpet are installed up to the door jamb not under it. If an old pre-hung door and jamb are removed and a new pre hung unit installed the chances of everything lining up in the original position are slim to none. As a homes foundation settles the framing around door openings can get out of square. You’re existing doors don’t fit like they did when they were new. Previous homeowners trim them with a plane or in some cases a chain saw when they start sticking so in a lot of cases you don’t notice any real problem with the door. When you go to install a new pre hung interior door you have to set the new unit square otherwise the door will not operate properly. This almost guarantees the door will not sit where the previous door was leaving gaps between the door jamb and floor. The bottom of the door jamb will always have to be cut down in order for the new door to fit into the opening height wise. Problem 1

That brings up the next common issue the baseboards. When the new door casing is installed the baseboards will be to long on one side and to short on the other side of the door. That means the base needs to be removed, recut, replaced, caulked and painted. Some people will try to cut the long side of the base board in place on the wall but you can imagine what that looks like.

The 3rd issue becomes replacement cost. The average cost of a quality hollow core door available as a pre hung unit cost about $75.00. Door casing for both sides cost another $30.00. The removal of the old door, installing the new door, cutting and installing the new door casing will cost anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00. That’s an average cost of $200.00 to $250.00 per door. The average cost of Interior Door Replacement $99.00

Interior Door Replacement becomes the logical choice for many different reasons. The main advantage is the ease of installation. Since only the door slab is replaced and the door jamb and casing are left intact there are no flooring or baseboard issues to deal with. With our system of making a pattern of the door opening, we cut each door to fit even if the opening has shifted and is out of square. In most cases all work is performed in our shop. We bring the doors to your home machined and ready to install. All for $99.00 per door installed for hollow core doors and $149.00 per door for solid core molded panel doors. We also offer many choices of French Doors as well as Solid Wood Doors which can meet any design scheme.

We feature Masonite doors for their superior quality and manufacturing standards.

Carpet Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Up Fresh Milk Spills on Your Carpet

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Fresh milk is always a very important part of our diet. If it is not a part of yours then you should start now as fresh milk has a lot of health benefits that you must not overlook. It is not only tasty but provides our bodies with our daily requirement for calcium as well as a whole lot of other vitamins and minerals.

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Kids and adults alike love to drink milk. Homeowners though can sometimes be annoyed with milk if it mishaps occur and it gets on the carpet causing a big mess. Fresh milk spills happen quite commonly as kids are always playing around while they are eating or drinking. If this happens in your home, don’t be frustrated as cleaning up this mess is very doable. Just read the steps below to guide you on how to properly handle milk spills on your carpet.

  1. Remove the Spilled Milk Immediately – It is important to act quickly and get your cleaning materials on hand to clean up the mess. This is because it is vital that you extract the spilled milk as soon as possible to avoid having it spread to other areas of the carpet. You can remove the milk by using a clean cloth and dabbing the affected area using it. Do this until all of the excess milk is removed.
  2. Make a Cleaning Solution for the Milk Stain – The next thing that you will need to do is to create a cleaning solution for the milk stain. One example of an effective cleaning solution is one that you can make yourself by mixing a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with ¾ liters of water. Just make sure that the detergent you are using does not contain any bleach as this can be disastrous on your carpet.
  3. Apply the Cleaning Solution on the Milk Stain and Blot the Affected Area – Now that you have the cleaning solution ready, pour some of it on the stain that the milk spill has caused on your carpet. Let it set for a couple of minutes before using a clean white cloth and blot the stained area. Blotting will help lift the stain from the carpet and onto the cloth’s surface. Continue doing this until all of the stain is gone.
  4. Rinse the Carpet with Water – The last step is to rinse the carpet with water in order to remove any excess cleaning solution residue. Then, simply use a wet/dry vac or a clean rag to dry the area thoroughly before you can use it again.

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