inflatable hot tub heater

inflatable hot tub heater

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Jacuzzis, hot tubs, portable spas… Whatever you call it, there’s no stopping them!
In fact, more and more people have bought portable and inflatable hot tubs have over the past few years thus leading to their rise in popularity among individuals to families of all sizes.
Inflatable hot tubs are convenient, easy to set up, and most of all – affordable!
You can bring it with you when you’re out camping and even use it all year round, yes- even during winter!
However, it’s not just the portability the convenience that makes inflatable hot tubs loved but because of its heater but how does the heater work?

How a Heater Works
The heater for an inflatable hot tub works the same way as any heater, this means that the heater warms the water while you’re filling up your hot tub (yes, that means you can do other things while you wait for your hot tub to reach your desired warmth.)
Another thing about the heater for your inflatable hot tub is that the bigger your hot tub is, the longer it will take for your inflatable hot tub to heat up, also, while it may seem like a good idea to use your inflatable hot tub all year round, some hot tubs can’t be used in extreme weathers especially during winter, as this can easily damage your tub’s heater and other parts; best to make sure that the manufacturer has indicated that you can use your inflatable hot tub in such conditions,

Another important about thing about inflatable hot tubs is its cost effectiveness, hot tub heaters may be small but they pack a punch when it comes to you hot tub, needing only at least 110 volts to 220 volts to fully function.
Heaters work by by heating the water in your inflatable hot tub, to do this, simply turn on your heater, which is usually attached outside your hot tub, most heaters can go as high as 104 degrees, making it perfect for you whether it’s day or night.
Most inflatable hot tubs use an electric heater which will heat faster compared to that of a gas heater although both may work just fine although it may depend on the user’s preference or what the manufacturer recommended, another factor that can affect your hot tub’s heater is the environment, the colder it is, the longer it will take for the water in your inflatable hot tub to get heated but that also means that the water will get cold faster.
To avoid rapid heat loss in your inflatable hot tub, we recommend that you put an insulating pad underneath your hot tub and then cover your hot tub so you may have your desired temperature.

As you may have noticed, an inflatable hot tubs insulation comes in several styles, some manufacturers may be insulated from the inside, others on the outside, while some models may have insulation on both the inside and outside; it’s best to know what kind of insulation you will find beneficial for your personal use as many manufacturers will boast about how superior their insulation is.

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