Information about football from around the world

Information about football from around the world

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In Global Soccer, You can read about the results of all European countries in each month, and from those countries, 39 championships can be found with not only the goalscorers, but with complete line-ups as well.
39 countries with line-up:

Besides, You can find a complete championship chart (in home-away breakdown) and a cross-reference chart with the exact date of all remaining matches at all countries. Of course, we do not forget about European cup competitions, all matches will be featured with line-ups (even the preliminary rounds). But we do not deal only with Europe: from South America, you can find the matches of the championships of the most important countries with line-ups, while the rest can be found with only the goalscorers. We also publish the matches of the two most prestigious South-American club competitions, namely the Libertadores Cup and the Sudamericana Cup with full match reports. We deal also with the other continents as well. From North and Central America, the championships of the USA and Mexico, while from Asia, the championships of Australia and Japan are featured. Of course, the results of the remaining countries will be also included in the streame fodbold book, usually with goalscorers.

We report on the happenings of each continent’s continental cup competition. A separate section is dedicated to the happenings of international matches: the results of all international matches gets into the book each month, usually with complete line-ups. As You can see, the aim of Global Soccer is to provide a complete overview, in order to present the most information for our Readers about world football – all this on 256 pages each month. We can proudly say that our book is exceptional on the market. We hope, that this short introduction to the book will be of Your taste, and You will read Global Soccer with much pleasure.

You will find all the results of the European championships every month in Global Soccer, in 39 with all the names of the players, not only the scorers. In addition, we post rankings (by home-away matches) and the exact dates of the matches to come. We do not forget European tournaments, these tournaments are all communicated (the qualifiers also therefore) by complete selections. Europe is not our only interest: you will find the data of the most important championships in South America with the teams For the rest, the scorers, as well as the matches of the Libertadores and Sudamericana Cup. For other continents, we will communicate the cards of the matches of the United States and Mexico for North and Central America, Japan and Australia for Asia – as for the other championships, we will endeavor to make know all the results, or possible by specifying the scorers. For each continent we will postpone the events of international cups. A chapter will be devoted to international matches: all the results of the selections will be communicated, with, if possible, the teams. As you can see, the Global Soccer is complex, providing as much information as possible about football from around the world – in 256 pages per month.

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