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Like most people living in a home that is 20 to 30 years old you have probably looked at your Interior Doors, and thought how nice it would be to have a better looking door. office interiors You might go down to the local “Big Box store,” look at a few interior doors, maybe talk to their local millwork guy and leave thinking what a pain it will be to actually replace the interior doors in your home. The truth is replacing your Interior Doors with new Pre-hung doors is a real pain. The major issues you run across are flooring problems.

When a home is built the doors are installed before any of the flooring goes in. The flooring goes in after all the doors have been installed. Hardwood, tile and carpet are installed up to the door jamb not under it. If an old pre-hung door and jamb are removed and a new pre hung unit installed the chances of everything lining up in the original position are slim to none. As a homes foundation settles the framing around door openings can get out of square. You’re existing doors don’t fit like they did when they were new. Previous homeowners trim them with a plane or in some cases a chain saw when they start sticking so in a lot of cases you don’t notice any real problem with the door. When you go to install a new pre hung interior door you have to set the new unit square otherwise the door will not operate properly. This almost guarantees the door will not sit where the previous door was leaving gaps between the door jamb and floor. The bottom of the door jamb will always have to be cut down in order for the new door to fit into the opening height wise. Problem 1

That brings up the next common issue the baseboards. When the new door casing is installed the baseboards will be to long on one side and to short on the other side of the door. That means the base needs to be removed, recut, replaced, caulked and painted. Some people will try to cut the long side of the base board in place on the wall but you can imagine what that looks like.

The 3rd issue becomes replacement cost. The average cost of a quality hollow core door available as a pre hung unit cost about $75.00. Door casing for both sides cost another $30.00. The removal of the old door, installing the new door, cutting and installing the new door casing will cost anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00. That’s an average cost of $200.00 to $250.00 per door. The average cost of Interior Door Replacement $99.00

Interior Door Replacement becomes the logical choice for many different reasons. The main advantage is the ease of installation. Since only the door slab is replaced and the door jamb and casing are left intact there are no flooring or baseboard issues to deal with. With our system of making a pattern of the door opening, we cut each door to fit even if the opening has shifted and is out of square. In most cases all work is performed in our shop. We bring the doors to your home machined and ready to install. All for $99.00 per door installed for hollow core doors and $149.00 per door for solid core molded panel doors. We also offer many choices of French Doors as well as Solid Wood Doors which can meet any design scheme.

We feature Masonite doors for their superior quality and manufacturing standards.

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